Every wave of the seas and oceans, are the heartbeats that makes the earth breathe and by it’s energy, keeps the world turning.

Motion is the meaning of life & energy, and where there is motionless is said to be dead. Waves in all aspects of motion be it Ocean, Seas and Foreshores are the best, brightest and most splendid example of life in motion. The best display of life within itself. Waves as with people, are unique, we each have a variety of differences that make us special in our own way. Waves are no different. We all have our own energy, motion and special features, and just like people each wave is the ultimate exponent of when it releases it’s energy back, and putting life back in motion, keeping it alive. There are oceans of waves inside ourselves too, raging, calming, swirling and swelling, foaming and collapsing, some designed to deal with anxiety and suffering and some designed to calm and portray peace, however, all fulfill our life with their motions.

In the first months of our life we are surrounded by salt water, and when we grow and acknowledge the world we realize we cry saltwater. Sitting alone staring at the sea, listening to approaching waves, is a soothing experience that produces peace and harmony hard to explain. Swimming in the sea is relaxing, makes us slowly drifting away to serenity. When surrounded and embraced by a vaster and mightier sea It seems that our liquid self goes back to its primal innocence, calming and turning every inner rippling into peaceful energy. As simple as that and yet i might never be able to completely explain it.

Perhaps we better stop speculating
and just feel the swimming inside.
Otherwise we would feel lost,
unable to enjoy our life
as the waves in the sea do.
Perhaps is just a matter
of gazing inside ourself,
sailing our inner seas,
reflecting on its wave.
Navigating them,
thriving on the energy
of their waves,
feeling the sun and
the wind rippling them.
Loving and letting our liquid self flowing.

In other words, living like a wave does.