70 percent sea

Every wave of the seas and oceans, are the heartbeats that makes the earth breathe and by it’s energy, keeps the world turning.

Hi everyone, it’s me the cute one in the picture with the ball! My Uncle has asked me for some help in writing a small autobiography about his joy of oceanic photography. As u see he can be a bit lazy at times!

So here goes, my Uncles attraction to water started very early on in his life, an attraction that has grown year on year until present day. He loved water, whether it was by the ocean or in a pool, he just loved water, (even bath time which I dislike immensely!) it was this attraction that has influenced his decisions in life and led him on this path of oceanic photography in all forms.

It was this passion, which led him to buy his 1st camera at the early age of 12. Starting him on his path as a photographer. It was instinctively clear that water and photography was to be his love, so after finishing school he pursued this path learning and creating the beautiful pieces of art you see on this website.

After several years working on a variety of different projects, it was his decision to focus all his attention and energy on taking pictures of the sea. The sensations, energy, colour, light variations and immense power and force his attention was drawn to “The Wave”

The Wave and its different interpretations are shown empty and impersonal, while freezing landmarks in unrepeatable moments in time, always trying to offer a different view from normal traditional images. My Uncle has a strong belief that every wave the sea and oceans offer up are the heartbeats of the world that makes the earth breathe and the energy it creates keeps the world turning. I love it when he talks about the waves and oceans we have inside of us and when he offers up his hands and places then on my skin I feel the energy flow over me. It’s calming and makes me fall asleep in peace beside him.

Please take the time to explore his work, I can assure you, you will not be disappointed! Now back to what I do best, biting waves and chasing my ball!

To contact him: pabloazkue@gmail.com
until next time!!